A fully funded day program for individuals impacted by substance abuse and addiction, which teaches essential life skills for recovery.

Cornerstone to Recovery is a charitable organization that supports people experiencing, and impacted by addiction & mental health. We opened our doors in 2004 with the intent to provide accessible, holistic and self-sustaining recovery programs in an environment where individuals and families could gain the tools and support needed to change their lives. 

We operate under a five pillar structure consisting of Connections, Pathways, Social Enterprise, Residential, and Wellness. All of our programs utilize a community treatment model, meaning that everyone who walks through our doors has the opportunity to both receive, and give, help. 

Cornerstone is a grassroots organization that is founded and run by individuals in recovery who foster a sustainable, and fun, therapeutic environment. We offer a wide variety of programs that include subsidized residential and day programs, counselling, 12 step meetings, and more. Our thriving Recovery Community Centre has a fully equipped Wellness space with a variety of holistic programs for only $10/mo. 

Cornerstone has grown immensely since our founding. We’ve changed our name, moved to a new location, opened new facilities and introduced more accessible programming. What has remained the same is our organization’s steadfast belief that everyone who is impacted by substance abuse and mental health can have a happier and healthier life, surrounded by those who have walked a similar path and care for them. At Cornerstone, we believe that recovery happens when we #RiseTogether

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