At Cornerstone to Recovery we provide residential services in our own unique way. Since 2008, our recovery clients have come to discover that the typical beginning, middle and end of a program, is not how we do things at Cornerstone’s Kettleby Ranch. Instead, clients experience our program as the important beginning of their relationship with health, wellness, sobriety and most importantly their recovery community. Our sobriety success and alumni numbers grow each year and whether that happens through participation in our annual Walkathon, Sober Socials at The Club or Sunday night Campfire Meetings, what brings them back is found in our intentional recovery community. Kettleby Ranch—where like-minded individuals build productive, balanced lives, and share sobriety in a supportive, recovery community!

Kettleby Ranch

Our rural, community home accommodates up to 10 adult men at one time, who together learn to recover emotionally, spiritually and physically. Our program teaches participants the identification of substance-use triggers and associated escape-based behaviors, healthy relationship practices, coping and communication skills, and other crucial life skills related to sober living. These skills are taught within our residential home which provides a safe space to heal from previous alcohol and substance misuse. Members of our program participate in our working farm including property maintenance, group meals and community work. In addition, our residential clients attend our 6-week STEPS program, through our Cornerstone Pathways division, where they are provided employment and job-seeking skills to prepare them for successful employment as they transition out of residential program. Our residents participate in both individual and group counselling sessions, daily AA meetings, treatments and activities to build and support sobriety and overall health and wellness. Our goal for our residents remains consistent: graduate sober, transition to productive and fulfilling work, secure stable housing and participate intentionally in enriched community support!

What will you find at our men’s residential home?

10 Private bedrooms on a rural property in Kettleby, ON

All meals and transportation to program activities

Large kitchen, dining and fitness areas

Indoor and Outdoor meetings spaces

Laundry facilities

20 acre working communal farm

Structured recreational and leisure activities

Client-centered, holistic wellness services including: acupuncture, guided meditation, nutritional counseling and yoga

Individual and group therapy sessions

Access to daily meetings

Family Counselling services

Fellowship within a 12 Step community environment

Fulfilling work, supportive sober community and life stabilizing experiences

Who is our program for?

Our program is suitable for men over 18 years of age who have been free of alcohol and substance use for 3 to 7 days and are committed to the work of recovery within our community. In addition, candidates for admission must demonstrate their willingness to:

Join our intentional community and share responsibilities at both Kettleby Ranch and our Recovery Community Centre;

Consent to random drug and/or alcohol testing;

Do whatever it takes to stay sober and free from drug use;

Contribute financially with all contributions being (insert clarification here from Patty).

What to bring to Kettleby Ranch?

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How do admissions happen at Kettleby Ranch?

Admission to our Kettleby Ranch, 90-day residential program, starts with a phone call or in-person inquiry at our Recovery Community Centre in Newmarket, ON. While we often-times speak to family members, loved ones or referring agencies regarding our programs and services, prior to admission it is important that we speak to the potential residential candidate directly and determine their fit and suitability for our recovery program.

Get in touch with us today through our Counsellor on Duty at (289) 648-3973 or
Cornerstone Recovery Community Centre at (905) 953-7999. When you call you will be provided with information about our program and as appropriate, agree on a time to meet for an admissions assessment. This assessment can take up to an hour following which an admissions decision and plan will be developed.


At Pathways, our STEPS Training and Employment Preparation Program (S.T.E.P.S.) and Job Finding Club provide our clients with the opportunity to access resources and support for self-sufficiency. Our programs help clients develop the skills and confidence required to achieve their education and employment goals. In addition, the STEPS program helps participants learn about addiction recovery and tools they need to sustain life in recovery.

Our program participants learn important life skills such as stress management, goal and boundary setting, how to build self-esteem and more! Pathways provides second stage recovery skills that are key to long-term recovery and self-sufficiency. Whether it is upgrading basic computer skills, creating a resume or actively engaging in job hunting, applying for employment and/or exploring volunteer opportunities in a selected occupation as experience for future employment, Pathways can assist. Pathways programs increase vocational opportunities for all participants in an accessible, safe and non-judgemental, community setting.

Our Pathways Team

At Cornerstone to Recovery, we recognize that our most important assets are the people who work here, and Tina Bentley and Shannon Stinson are no exception to this rule! Tina and Shannon bring compassion, empathy, guidance and humour to our Pathways programs and services. Tina has assisted over 500 clients graduate from the STEPS program, many of whom remain a part of our Cornerstone Recovery Community to this day. After graduation, 75% of our participants have attained employment or employment related activities! In addition to her work, this is Shannon’s  first year as Program Assistant in the STEPS program and her training and skill set have been a great addition to our team.


STEPS Training and Employment Preparation Program (S.T.E.P.S.)

Since 2010, we have successfully provided our STEPS program to hundreds of clients impacted by addiction in York Region. Our STEPS classes are delivered from our fully equipped classroom at our Recovery Community Centre in Newmarket, ON. There, we provide our participants with personal inventories, life skills training and employment support. Return to school or work, are a pivotal part of an individual’s journey to recovery and self sufficiency. Our program is supported and delivered in cooperation with York Region and provides vulnerable individuals a chance to connect with the Cornerstone to Recovery community and move towards gainful employment. Our classroom atmosphere is comfortable, safe and relaxed which supports participants in getting the most benefit out of the time they spend with us. Our main program goal is to stabilize our clients’ self-sufficiency and recovery by assisting them in developing a personal action plan which may include a return to the workforce, attending school/skill training programs, and/or community volunteering.

What can I expect from the STEPS program?

Our STEPS Program is 6 weeks long. Sessions take place Monday through Fridays from 9:30-11:30 am. New enrolments can occur up to two weeks after the start of new program, following that we recommend enrolment in the next program start date.STEPS programs are scheduled throughout the calendar year typically every 8 weeks. Our average group size is 10-15 people. Transportation assistance is available if required. Participants can be anywhere in their recovery journey however we do require participants to be sober during each day. The STEPS program is delivered from our Recovery Community Centre located at 570 Steven Court, Unit B, Newmarket, ON (our closest intersection is Mulock Road and Bayview Avenue). There is no cost for the STEPS program and all materials are provided for session participants

Job Finding Club

Our Job Finding Club provides STEPS Training and Employment Preparation Program graduates the opportunity to continue to access support for their employment search. Our Pathways Team members Tina and Maureen are available to support and provide guidance as clients transition from early recovery to the security of employment. Our classroom facility is equipped with personal computers, printers and access to WIFI and employment resources to assist STEPS graduates in securing employment or volunteer positions in the community.

What can I expect from the Job Finding Club?

In addition to being welcomed to our Recovery Community Centre and offered a hot cup of coffee, our Job Finding Club members can extend their job and/or educational and volunteer opportunity search in the comfort of our equipped centre. Our centre and classroom are available for the following:

Access to Technology for job search, resume preparation and printing;

Resume and Cover Letter revisions;

Employment Search Support

Volunteer Position Search

Interview skills practice and support.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in further information or wish to register for our next STEPS class or participate in Job Finding Club, please call our main office at 905-762-1551 and ask for either:

Tina Bentley, Program Coordinator (extension 405)

Shannon Stinson , Program Assistant (extension 409)

Professional referrals are always accepted, and we are happy to collaborate to support your

STEPS Class Schedule

Location: 570 Steven Court, Unit B Newmarket, ON
January 27th – March 6th
March 23rd  – May 1st
May 19th – June 26th
July 13th – August 21st
September 8th – October 16th
October 26th – December 4th

Upcoming 2020 STEPS class schedules

Job Finding Club Schedule

The Job Finding Club is offered for those who have successfully completed the STEPS Training and Employment Preparation Program. Upon graduation from this program, The Job Finding Club is offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30pm – 3:00pm, from July 21st to December 3rd at the Cornerstone Recovery Community Centre.

Cornerstone’s Recovery Community Centre is at 570 Steven Court, Unit B in Newmarket, ON is open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. If required appointments can be arranged with one of our Team members outside of our standard hours.


Cornerstone Connections provides a variety of recovery-based programs and services through our Recovery Community Centre in Newmarket, ON. Since we opened in 2016, we have been home to over 500 AA meetings, helped 100’s of clients find employment, provided hours of counselling sessions, hosted numerous Sober Socials and much, much more. Connections – where people in recovery come together in a safe space to access support, sober activities and join our recovery community. Come out to see what York region’s first recovery community has to offer!

Our Connections Team

Team members from Cornerstone Connections come from a variety of educational backgrounds and speciality certificates. When you enter Connections, you’ll likely be greeted by our Programs Facilitator, Shannon, and from there we can connect you to a variety of resources and team members from our Counselling Team of Peter, Maureen, Tina, Shawn and Dave, the common thread amongst them lies in the commitment, passion and dedication they bring to making our client experience comfortable and enlightening. Our philosophy of “together in recovery” starts with these amazing folks and is woven throughout our recovery community.

What services will I find at Connections?

At Cornerstone Connections, you can participate in family or individual counselling sessions, attend AA meetings, access resources to support your search for employment and housing, and attend sober social events. Our services include:

Counselling – Individual and Family available on a fee for service basis.

Drop -in Resource Centre – access to computers and resource supports for community programs.

Outreach Community Agencies – Crisis support, referral and counselling services for agency partners.

Fellowship and Support Groups – run by Cornerstone and community AA groups.

Sober Socials.

Rental Space for Recovery Events.

Our Facilities

Large meeting areas outfitted with comfortable seating.

Kitchen and Coffee/Beverage Station.

Big screen with cable and large seating area.


Private counselling and resource rooms.

Pool table.

Computers and access to WIFI.

Friendship, comradery and support.

Who is our program for?

Our program is suitable for anyone over the age of 16 years who has been impacted by addiction.

How can I get started at Cornerstone Connections?

We have drop-in services for resource support between the hours of 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. For our counselling services we encourage you to call or email to book a time to discuss how we can help. For AA meetings please access our schedule on-line or as posted in our entry way. Interested in booking our space for a sober social or a recovery related meeting, please get in touch through our contact information listed below.

General contact number:
Cornerstone Recovery Community Centre
(905) 953-7999
570 Steven Court, Unit B, Newmarket, ON

General inquiry email:

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In response to a significant need in our local community, Cornerstone to Recovery has launched Cornerstone Wellness. Our Wellness division has plans to deliver a variety of health and wellness services from our Recovery Community Centre on Steven Court, in Newmarket Ontario. With a planned opening in 2019, our new Wellness Centre will provide accessible memberships to build Mind – Body – Spirit health and wellness. Our goal is to provide this essential recovery support in an affordable and accessible way to York region residents. Watch for exciting opening announcement plans in the coming year!

What is the connection between Wellness and Recovery?

Recovery is a very difficult process and requires a number of major lifestyle changes. In the short term, cutting drugs and alcohol out of your life is very stressful for your mind and body. In part, this is related to your body trying to figure out how to work in your new-found sobriety, and your mind adjusting away from substances as a method of coping with stress! This often results in people feeling irritated, cranky, physically uncomfortable and overwhelmed. It is important to introduce new methods of stress relief in order to cope with these feelings and reduce their impact on your life. Physical activity, done in a supportive community environment with like-minded individuals and coaches, is the answer.

Exercise has been proven to be one of the most rewarding methods of stress relief as it so closely mimics the mind-body processes involved in substance use including the release of endorphins that immediately takes the edge off of stress. Physical activity, of many varieties, helps to increase one’s self esteem, improve and heal your physical and emotional health, reduce stress, improve sleep and so much more. All of these elements help you attain and sustain your recovery. In addition, for families and loved ones, it can promote healing and a new way of communicating and spending time with each other. Commitment to a physical activity program that is tailored to your abilities and interests, is now recognized as a key success factor for helping people stay in long-term recovery. Cornerstone Wellness will be a supportive, physically active community that supports individuals and families to heal their mind, bodies and spirits to maintain their sobriety.

What will I find at Cornerstone’s Wellness Centre?

Fully equipped gym including four areas: strength, conditioning, group wellness and a yoga and meditation room.

Change rooms and washroom facilities.

Comfortable community room with seating for post-workout relaxing & connecting.

Wellness Resource Board.

Our Wellness Team

Team members from Cornerstone Wellness are specialists with a variety of health and fitness backgrounds.Each team member is committed to helping our members reach their individual wellness goals and build a sustainable plan with you. Whether it is joining you in a class or participating in a group hike, our Wellness Specialists will be by your side on the journey.

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What type of activities will you find at Cornerstone Wellness?

Insert pictures of Steven Court or Gym at ranch

Group Fitness Classes including: Yoga, Strength 101, CrossFit and much more.

Hiking/Walking/Running Groups.

Health/Nutrition Resources and classes.

Wholistic Treatment, including mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.

Weekly off-site activities in the community, local parks & forests.

Who is our program for?

Our Wellness Centre is for anyone over the age of 16 years who has been impacted by addiction and is interested in building a healthy lifestyle.

How can I get started at Cornerstone Wellness?

Interested in booking a time to tour our facility or book a fitness assessment – please get in touch through our contact information below and we will put you on a priority list to tour when our Wellness Centre opens in 2019.

General contact number:
Cornerstone Recovery Community Centre
Tel: 905-762-1551
570 Steven Court, Unit B, Newmarket, ON


Interested in helping out? Please go to Get Involved and sponsor a membership for someone in need in
your community!!

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