Addiction is a disease that is physical, emotional and spiritual. Our approach to recovery requires we
address all three. With a planned opening in 2019, our new Wellness Centre will provide access to build Mind – Body – Spirit health and wellness through a variety of supportive group activities. Cornerstone Wellness is a series of programs and activities intended to allow our community to work together to achieve physical and emotional wellness. Housed in our Recovery Community Center we offer recovering individuals and impacted family members an opportunity to enhance their recovery by improving their physical well-being in a supportive community environment.

What is the connection between Wellness and Recovery?

Physical activity promotes stress relief, emotional stability and is a significant component of long-term recovery. Exercise has been proven to be one of the most rewarding methods of stress relief as it closely mimics the mind-body processes involved in substance use including the release of endorphins that immediately take the edge off stress. There is also a strong social aspect that becomes part of the wellness-recovery dynamic. Working as a part of a group reverses the natural tendency to isolate oneself and provides a buffer against the impact of loneliness and boredom.

Physical activity, of many varieties, interests and ability levels, helps to increase one’s self esteem, improve and heal physical and emotional health, reduce stress, improve sleep and so much more. All these elements assist individuals to sustain their recovery. In addition, for families and loved ones, it can promote healing and a new way of communicating and spending time with each other. And just as importantly – have some fun in a supportive community!

Inclusion of proven therapies such as acupuncture help those early in the recovery journey achieve a release from physical cravings and anxiety. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices support the development of connections between physical and spiritual aspects within individuals in recovery. EMDR and others provides processing and healing of underlying trauma. Our goal through our Wellness programs is to offer everyone in recovery these essential recovery supports in both an affordable and accessible way.

Watch for exciting opening announcement plans in the coming year!

What will I find at Cornerstone’s Wellness Centre?


Fully equipped gym including four areas: strength, conditioning, group wellness and a yoga and meditation room.

Change rooms and washroom facilities.

Comfortable community room with seating for post-workout relaxing & connecting.

Wellness Resource Board.

A friendly, inclusive & non-judgmental atmosphere and a new approach to life.

Our Wellness Team

Trained team members from Cornerstone Wellness are specialists with a variety of health and fitness backgrounds. Each team member is committed to helping our members reach their wellness goals in a supportive setting. Whether it is joining the group in a scheduled class or participating in a group hike, our Wellness Specialists will be supportive of your wellness journey.

What type of activities will you find at Cornerstone Wellness?


Group Fitness Classes including: Yoga, Strength 101, CrossFit and much more

Hiking/Walking/Running Groups

Health/Nutrition Resources and classes.

Holistic Treatment




EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Weekly off-site activities in the community, local parks & forests.

Who is our program for?

Our Wellness Centre is for anyone over the age of 16 years who has been impacted by addiction and is interested in building a healthy lifestyle.

How can I get started at Cornerstone Wellness?

Interested in booking a time to tour our facility or book a fitness assessment? Please get in touch through our contact information below and we will put you on a priority list to tour when our Wellness Centre opens in 2019.


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