Addiction is a physical, emotional and spiritual disease. Our approach to recovery requires we address all three. Opened in the spring of 2019, our brand-new Wellness Centre provides a multitude of evidence-based programs aimed at improving physical, emotional and spiritual health as it relates to recovery from addiction and concurrent mental illness. Housed in our Recovery Community Center, we offer a series of daily, weekly and monthly classes, programs and workshops that help our members build a healthy relationship with their body, mind & spirit in a supportive, community environment.

Wellness Hours of Operations: 

Monday to Friday: 7am – 4pm

Who is our program for?

Our Wellness Centre is for anyone who is experiencing, or impacted by, addiction and mental illness. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

How can I get started at Cornerstone Wellness?

You are welcome to drop in anytime that we are open to get a tour and sign up for a membership.

Individual Membership is $10/month or $100/year.

Individual Membership + Sponsor a Member is $20/month or $200/year.

Cash & credit are accepted.

We will never turn someone away if they cannot afford the membership, talk to us if you are interested in a sponsored membership.

Wellness Programs & Events Calendar

*Please note – memberships can be purchased & signed up for in person only. Come in anytime we are open for a tour & to sign up!

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What is the connection between Wellness and Recovery?

Physical activity helps individuals and families stabilize and improve all aspects of their health and wellbeing, which makes sustains and deepens one’s recovery. Below, you’ll find some of the many benefits that regular exercise and wellness practices can have on your recovery and overall life.

Physical benefits:

– Reduction of cravings
-Improvement of general health including cardio, strength, joint health, mobility and flexibility
-Increased production & regulation of mood stabilizing brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin
-Reduction in sleep disorders and disturbances
-Support the healing of the physical impacts of addiction and substance abuse

Emotional benefits:

-Foster a healthy relationship and connection with one’s body & movement
-Reducing instances and impacts of emotional triggers and trauma
-Improve self-esteem, self-worth & self-efficacy
-Reduction of boredom & isolation through sober, socialization and team work
-Create new, safe environments for families to communicate & heal together.
-Development of crucial life skills such as…resiliency, perseverance, goal setting & achievement, daily structure & organization, self-control & discipline

Spiritual benefits:

-Community reintegration & participation
-Increased mindfulness and connection to oneself and others
-Increased structure in daily spiritual practice
-Further development and diversification of personal spiritual practices

Our goal through our Wellness programs is to offer everyone these essential recovery supports in an affordable, accessible and fun way.

What will I find at the Wellness Centre?

Fully equipped Wellness Centre including: yoga & meditation studio, strength & conditioning area and group class area.

A wide range of equipment including a TRX set up for 12+ people, Hammer Strength Equipment, barbells & free weights, yoga mats, blocks & straps, meditation pillows and various strength & conditioning equipment.

Changerooms and washroom facilities.

Comfortable community room with seating for post-workout relaxing & connecting.

Wellness resource board

A friendly, safe & non-judgmental atmosphere.

Our Wellness Team

Our Wellness team is made up of dedicated, therapeutic trained individuals from diverse addictions, mental health, social work and athletic backgrounds, who provide programs aimed at making physical activity accessible, fun and specifically tailored to the unique needs of addiction recovery. We help individuals heal the impacts that addiction had on their health, and that of their families.

Interested in sponsoring the Wellness Centre or a regularly scheduled program? Check out our website or contact us today to discuss opportunities.

What type of activities will you find at Cornerstone


We are open, with regularly scheduled programming Monday to Saturday. Please check our weekly & month calendars above and on our ‘What’s Happening!’ page.

Group fitness classes including: yoga, Crossfit, TRX, Belly Dancing & more!

Daily Support Open Gym Hours

Running & Walking Groups

Meditation classes & workshops

Acudetox (Ear Acupuncture)

Regular off-site hikes

Health/Nutrition Resources and classes.

Trauma informed groups such as CBT.


For printable information, click to view our brochure below.




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