Cornerstone Residential provides our community its home. Since 2010, our guests have come to discover the difference between a typical beginning, middle and end style treatment program, and what we create: an intentional, recovery community which has a beginning and a middle but no end. Our residential homes are where the recovery journey begins. Originally conceived as a place to stay while getting back on their feet it has become so much more to so many. It is a focal point for our men’s programming and a center of gravity for our alumni community. Our alumni community continues to grow each year as those who have passed through our doors continue to reach back, participate and support those who are just arriving. We believe this is accomplished through participation in our Work is Hope projects, the Pathways program, Sunday Night Campfire (seasonal) Meetings, Tuesday night alumni dinners and other 12 step meetings in the community. At Cornerstone Residential, we welcome guests into our community where we share a new way of life that most of us deemed impossible before we started our recovery journeys.

Our Team

Our counselling team at Cornerstone Residential come from a wide variety of backgrounds and all have lived
experience with addiction and 12 step recovery. Why lived experience? It provides our team with the
compassion, empathy, and understanding of the addiction and recovery journey. In addition, each
member of the Residential Counselling team, is a certified Counsellor. Our Counsellors also hold certifications
such as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists and Trauma Specialists.  Our Director of Programs, Peter
Brewitt is a Registered Clinical Supervisor and supports a client centred approach ensuring our guests
and their families get the best our community has to offer.

Kettleby Ranch Men’s Program

Our rural, community home accommodates up to 10 adult men at one time, who together with our community, learn to recover emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.  Kettleby Ranch guests participate in our working ranch including property maintenance, group meals and community work which is essential to understanding the concept of community and self confidence through achievement. In addition, our residential guests participate in employment and life-skills training to prepare them for successful employment as they transition out of the residential program. Our guest’s time with us includes both individual and group counselling sessions, daily 12 step meetings and activities to build and support sobriety and overall health and wellness. Our goal for our guests is clear – we show people how to get active in their recovery and then encourage them to live their recovery by sharing their experience, strength and hope with others. The Kettleby Ranch is situated on a 20 acre, working ranch with private bedrooms for each guest and all the amenities our guests would need, including laundry, indoor & outdoor communal spaces and a fitness space.

Women’s Residential Program – *COMING SOON*

Coming in 2021! Details to follow.

What will you find at our Residential Homes?

Comfortable bedroom & bathrooms

All meals and transportation to program activities

Large kitchen, dining and communal areas

Indoor and Outdoor meetings spaces

Laundry facilities

Structured recreational and leisure activities

Client centred, holistic wellness services including: acupuncture & guided meditation

Individual and group counselling sessions

Daily meetings

Family counselling services

Fellowship within a 12 Step community environment

Fulfilling work, supportive sober community and life stabilizing experiences

Who is our program for?

Our program is suitable for men over 18 years who are willing to commit to the work of recovery within
our community.

In addition, candidates for admission must demonstrate their willingness to:

Share responsibilities at both the Residential home and our Recovery Community Centre

Consent to random drug and/or alcohol testing

Do whatever it takes to stay sober and free from drug use

How do admissions happen at Cornerstone Residential?

Admission to Cornerstone Residential, 3-month residential program starts by calling us to complete a short intake to determine if our program is a good fit for you. While we often-times speak to family members, loved ones or referring agencies regarding our programs and services prior to admission, it is important that we speak to the potential residential candidate directly and determine their fit and suitability for our recovery program. When you call you will be provided with information about our residential program and as appropriate, we agree on a time to meet for an admissions assessment. This assessment will determine your eligibility for program admission. Those applicants who are not accepted are provided alternate options including community service referrals.

To call for an intake at the Kettleby Ranch, our Residential program for adult men, please call: 289-716-9956

What to bring to Cornerstone Residential?

Things to bring with you:

Clothing (indoor/outdoor) as appropriate to season.

Footwear (indoor/outdoor) as appropriate to the season.

Basic toiletries for your personal use.

APPROVED Prescription medications, vitamins and supplements in original containers.

Things to leave at home:

Electronic devices asides from your cellphone

Large amounts of cash.

Any products with alcohol content

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