What is a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprises are organizations that create employment and generate revenue for social and environmental benefit. One of our foundational beliefs is that our community must be self supporting and not rely on Government funding for its existence. Cornerstone Social Enterprise is the engine at Cornerstone that makes all we do, possible. Our Social Enterprise includes three primary programs: our Recycling Program, our Community Agricultural Program and our Rise Together program. In combination, these programs divert waste away from landfills, provide self-sufficiency and skills development for our residential program guests and harness the support of our generous volunteers and donors to extend our reach and ensure all our programs are financially accessible and sustainable.

Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program was designed to provide work for men in the early stages of recovery, create much needed funding for recovery programming, and support the green initiative. This program has grown to include 50 corporate real-estate partners with over 70 textile recycling bins throughout the GTA. Our recycling bin sites are recognized by our corporate partners for our high level of customer service, cleanliness, and responsiveness. The recycling program supports our Work is Hope program, a key aspect of earning and learning gratitude in recovery, providing work tasks to residents of Kettleby Ranch. As a 100% non-profit charitable organization, all net proceeds from the recycling program support the majority of our recovery programs. In addition, each year the program diverts over 2,000,000 pounds of textiles from local land-fills with sales to our valued partners, Talize Inc. and Recycling Rewards.

Cornerstone Social Enterprise in action – providing therapeutic work while generating revenue for social and environmental benefit.

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Our Community Agricultural Program

Our Community Agricultural program is operated from our rural property which is also home to our Men’s Residential program. Our working Ranch raises livestock cared for by the residents, produces eggs for resident consumption, and harvests hay for sale. This self sustaining element of Kettleby Ranch assists to help reduce cost for our 90-day residential program and provides skills training and work for our clients as they prepare to transition out of program to self-sufficiency. In addition to the benefits found in developing back to work skills, the gardening and livestock aspects of this program are a significant part of our work therapy program – Work is Hope.

Working as a team, our guests experience the satisfaction which can only be derived from feeling “a part of” while contributing to the welfare of the community. Learning to whistle while we work in the service of others are life skills essential to our way of life.

Our Rise Together Program

Our Rise Together Program is where the generosity and support of our partners, supporters and donors shine! Each year we host a community Walk-a-Thon that has raised over 300k since 2013. Our 5K walk starts in Kettleby, ON and finishes at Springhill Farm for a community barbeque and a celebration of our way of life. Our volunteers, supporters and donors include both local and provincial corporations, as well as, individuals in our community who provide time, treasure and talent to offset costs of operations or fill gaps for our clients in need. This dedicated group and our team, collaborate and work tirelessly to ensure that Cornerstone’s Recovery Community is available to all those impacted by addiction. There are many opportunities for support for our Recovery Community through monetary and in-kind donations to sponsoring someone’s recovery program or covering the costs of a room in our residential program. Every donation $25 and above is eligible for a tax receipt and goes towards reducing costs, sponsoring program participants and providing employment or back to school support for those in recovery.

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